Fun Things to Do In the Countryside

Are you going to be visiting the countryside this summer and want to know what fun activities there will be for you to do? Then you have come to the right place! Here we are taking you through lots of family friendly things to do in the country that will keep you entertained when visiting the countryside this summer.

Go Hillwalking

If you are visiting the countryside this summer, then going hillwalking is an absolute must. There is a tonne of great options for you out there and it is a great challenge not just for the children but also you too. Getting to the top of a big hill is quite a big achievement, so get your hillwalking boots on the next time you are visiting the countryside.

Go Fossil Hunting

You will be amazed at all of the cool things that you can potentially uncover when visiting the countryside. For example, the Hock Cliffs on the banks of the River Severn are a great place to uncover hidden fossils due to the crumbling cliffs.

Go On a Woodland Adventure

When the nice summer weather approaches, a great way to spend your days in the countryside is to go on woodland adventures. Adults will love going on a stroll on scorching days and the kids will love it too as they play hide and seek, go on treasure hunts, go wildlife spotting or you could even take along a picnic too.

Go Badger Watching

One of the most popular activities that you can do in the countryside over the summer months is badger watching. This is enjoyed by many people and in some places across the United Kingdom, badger watching is a popular event. Take a look online to see if there are any organised badger watches in your area this year.

Go on a Wildflower Walk

Another popular activity to do in the countryside during the summer months is to go on wildflower walks. These walks are the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon and you can purchase a book that will detail the many different wild flowers that you may spot in the British countryside. Different areas of the UK will all have different flowers and you can even visit different areas of your countryside to find different types of flowers such as in meadows or near river banks.

Swim in a River

On those really warm days, there is nothing better to do in the countryside than visit a beautiful river and go for a swim. This is something that the whole family will love, so make sure you take your swimming costumes and trunks for a dip in the river.

With summer fast approaching, make sure you try out at least a few of these fun activities when you are visiting the countryside. You can also encourage your children to document these activities in a wildlife diary to keep things fun and interesting.

Image: Pixabay.