Human Appeal and its impact on local communities

Humanappeal, a UK-based humanitarian aid and development charity, is involved in a range of projects around in the world. Its initiatives span 25 countries across three continents, and it is particularly well known for the help it has provided to Syrians suffering as a result of the ongoing crisis in the country.

However, it is not just overseas initiatives that the charity is involved with. In addition to its work further afield, the organisation is committed to helping those in need here in the UK. Recently, it donated £10,000 to support six local organisations operating in the West Midlands. It gave the money to the Surviving Winter Campaign being run by the Heart of England Community Foundation.

The funding, which was given to Helping Hands, God’s Coffee Shop, Peggies Park Community Centre, Foleshill Baptist Church, Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire and Thrive Together Birmingham, was intended to help these organisations tackle some of the problems that disadvantaged people face during the colder months. For example, it helped to fund a mobile soup kitchen, tai-chi classes offered to older people and a social café project that is providing affordable and healthy meals.

Making communities better place to live

Figures cited by humanappeal reveal that in the West Midlands, nearly a quarter of a million people struggle to pay for food, while homelessness has risen by more than 40 per cent over the last seven years. It’s also thought that as many as 60,000 people in the area are living in social isolation. The charity noted that the Surviving Winter Campaign run by Heart of England Community Foundation is intended to help make local communities better places to be and to live.

‘Determined to help those in need’

Commenting on its £10,000 donation to the campaign, humanappeal chief executive Othman Moqbel stated that the charity is “determined to give help to those in need”, no matter who they are or what part of the world they are from. He added that while the charity may be most well-known for providing assistance to people in Syria, it can’t ignore the problems facing people in the UK. He said that the organisation is working to end suffering, “whether it is in East Aleppo or the West Midlands”.

Meanwhile, chief executive of the Heart of England Community Foundation Tina Costello stated that the organisation is “delighted to partner” with Human Appeal, adding that the charity has shown a “real commitment” to supporting its vision.