Reasons to Enjoy a Private Villa

There are thousands of beautiful hotels out there with many of them offering excellent amenities and services. However, you deserve something new and more charming than a simple hotel setup and the right villa can make that happen. When on an extended holiday, your accommodation should feel more like home than just a place to lay your head at night. Unparalleled amenities, beautiful locations, plenty of space, and more privacy than you can handle all combine to create one huge reason to consider a villa over a hotel. Once you do, you might just find you were missing out on something amazing until right that moment.


At your own luxury pool villa in Malaysia, you have no hotel guests to worry about, no early wake up calls from housemaids, and no swimming with thousands of other people. Whether you chose to holiday alone, with a romantic partner, or with the entire family, you deserve optimum privacy at all times. Holiday villas afford you and your friends or family the privacy deserved during your holiday. These locations are perfectly designed for couples seeking a romantic retreat to themselves or families wanting to spend quality time together without disturbing hotel staff. Even if you find yourself traveling for business, the added privacy should allow you to coexist with fewer frustrations, fights, or worries. IN addition, many luxury villas are placed in private estates or gated resort communities for added safety and security.

More Room

At best, hotel rooms are just about 120 square feet in size, which can quickly become cramped and uncomfortable with an entire family to house. However, villas offer well over 300 square feet for you to enjoy, allowing ample room for you to stretch out and enjoy some time together. Renting a villa may yet be surprisingly inexpensive and families utilise it every year as an alternative to staying in a hotel. This is especially true of those travelling as a group or large family and there are often multiple rooms to allow guests privacy even from each other. With cramped conditions nearly everywhere else you might go during your stay in Malaysia, you deserve to come home to a large open area in which you can enjoy yourselves without worrying about too little space.

Comforts of Home

Most villas come with the amenities that you love most about your own home. For example, you might get to enjoy satellite TV, Internet access, or laundry facilities. You may also enjoy a private swimming pool, entertainment room, home theatre, and even a fitness centre. Although you must expect each villa to be different, you should expect a certain level of luxury along with the added fun. The kitchen should be fully equipped, allowing you to cut costs by shopping at the local supermarket for food rather than spending every evening out at restaurants. Although you might want to indulge yourself during your holiday, this is a great way to help your budget stretch all the way until the final day. You and those traveling with you deserve the chance to enjoy the best offered by Malaysian villas and one look might change your world forever.