Tick These Off From Your Bucket List in Bali

Bali is one of those destinations that are on everyone’s bucket list. With breathtaking pink sunsets to postcard perfect rice fields, glorious islands and a large number of waterfalls, Bali sure will take your breath away. It is a great place for a holiday, whether it be for a short break, a week or two. Since it is so close to Australia, it is very common, particularly Australians, to come here every year. And once you get a taste of it, there is no looking back.

Bali is loved by one and all. It caters to the needs of all people alike, young or old, man or woman. Simply choose what you love to do and you can come up with a stunning itinerary by yourself.

Main Attractions

Kuta is the most well-known region in Bali and obviously, it is brimming with tourists all year long. You can find shopping malls, bars, and discotheques. Legian and Seminyak come next, but with more sophistication. If you are young at heart, these are the places you would want to head to. Nusa Dua is Bali’s gem in its truest sense with five-star resorts and hotels. While it seems affordable, the F&B can tear you apart. Bukit is home to some classic beaches of Bali. Need a getaway from the throbbing crowd and busy nightlife? This is the place for you.


But where do I stay in Bali? Is a question I get asked the most. When you plan a trip your options are unlimited and you can opt for a luxury villa with private pools, or budget hotels or majestic bungalows. There are many villas in Bali and fret not! There are some amazing accommodation deals in travel websites like Agoda and Trivago.

When in Bali, Do these!

Hang with baby sea turtles: Visit the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Center to watch the hatchlings swim. This organization aims to protect sea turtles and increase the number of sea turtles making it to the ocean. You can also watch these little ones move towards the sea, depending on the time of year.

  • Safari with a difference: Head to Bali Marine and Safari Park to watch some fun animal shows during the day and a night safari at night.
  • Enjoy a day at a luxurious but affordable spa, with a view! You can also opt for hot/cold spring water Jacuzzis as well.

  • Unique Dining experience: From dining in with lions at Bali Safari Park Lion’s restaurant, and pirates at Gardin Bistro, you ought to experience them when in Bali. Take a step further and dine atop a live volcano, at Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant.
  • Shop till you drop! Name a brand and you can find it here. From Zara to Pandora, to tons of souvenirs stalls they have them all.

Bali is the island that smiles. When you find the Balinese greet you with a Selamat Pagi’, there is no better way to start your day than with a smile. Plan a holiday in Bali soon and pack your bags!